Friday, March 8, 2013

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World's most expensive iPhone case

The ultimate fusion of catwalk inspired fashion and device protection, UUnique London, the British makers of luxury mobile cases and pouches with a fashion edge has now teamed with Mischa Barton, the sought-after Hollywood actress and an upcoming fashion designer, to create a fashionable line of covers for iPhone and iPad. At an exclusive event held at Kensington Road Gardens, London, Mischa Barton presented the ultimate  accessory, the $302,985 London Lotus iPhone case is now officially the ‘world’s most expensive iPhone 5 case.

Don't know about you but in all honesty, that is entirely too much for a phone case!


  1. Meanwhile in Africa a poor child dies of hunger!

  2. Save that money for one macbook pro retina display , food to eat everyday , bills to afford , clothes and shoes to shop and other stuff that you want .. Instead FOR THIS , COME ON , IPHONE CASE ?