Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Your personality according to your hair color

Interesting, the fact that your personality can be linked to your hair color.

1. Brunette
Brunettes are associated with confidence. They are loyal, even tempered and very smart. Interestingly, this stereotype still exists, with studies showing that the vast majority of men and women consider brunettes to be more intelligent, more stable and well educated. Over half of the men said they believe brunettes are more attractive than blondes.
2. Blonde hair
Interestingly, the majority of blondes are not real blondes, which raises the question whether they really are blondes or brunettes in disguise. When you look at global statistics, fewer than one in fifty people is naturally blonde, making blonde hair color quite rare. However, blondes, whether or not natural, tend to be treated as ladies with lack of intelligence and as more fickle and flighty personalities.
3. Red hair color
Redheads are actually more common than natural blondes. They are often credited with a hot temper and spirit. Interesting is the fact that redheads are more sensitive to pain than people with other hair colors and often require higher doses of pain medication and anaesthesia than blondes or brunettes. However, red is the color of love and feelings.
4. White Hair
White hair comes to show self-respect, wisdom and skill (or just apparent age).


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