Monday, March 18, 2013

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The Truth About Ring Around The Rosie

Everyone has heard it and you've probably participated in the singing and playing of the game but there's an eerie truth to the " Ring around the Rosie " game.

It's about the Bubonic Plague. It took out 1/3 of the people in Europe years back.

"Ring around the Rosie"...

In the disease, you would have rings around you. Especially around your pinkie. Which they used to call the roseie.

"Pocket full of posies"...

Posies are flowers ...and the smell was to take away the smell of the dead (like a past lysol)

"Ashes, Ashes"...

When people died of this disease  they had to burn their body in stead of burying it so the disease wouldn't spread from the dead body.

And I think you can figure out the "We all fall down" part.

Now you'll think twice before you sing that...


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