Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cell Phones linked to Depression & Insomnia

According to a report in the British newspaper The Independent, sweeping new research has linked the radiation emitted by mobile phones to such symptoms as confusion, sleeping problems and chronic headaches.

Scientists did a study on both 35 men and women found that using the phones before bed delays and shortens the deep stages of sleep—the part of sleep that allows the brain and body to repair and rejuvenate from the day's wear and tear.

In Teens, who tend to use their phones late at night, the study found that the sleep disturbances caused by the radiation can trigger depression, mood swings, ADHD-like symptoms, personality changes, impair concentration and academic performance.

It seems that the radiation from mobile phones can make it difficult to both fall and stay asleep. The radiation can delay and shorten the deep stages of sleep, important since this is when your brain and body repair and rejuvenate, making exposure linked to headaches, difficulty in concentrating, depression, and personality changes.