Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Chocolate is Better than Coffee

It's become a lifestyle, a trend, drinking coffee is what people usually do when it comes to either staying awake at night or waking up in the morning but there are actually many ways in which you can start your day without feeling groggy. Believe it or not, scientist say that of all things, chocolate can actually wake you up in the morning faster than a cup of coffee.

The moment in which you put chocolate in your body, it can give you  immediate comfort, but also drive up & boost your energy. It won't last for a very long time, but if you get moving once you eat or drink something with chocolate involved, chances are you're waking up pretty well. Chocolate will actually wake you up just as fast as coffee due to the normal digestive system. Hot chocolate could be a good alternative to coffee and some cases it is healthier.

Source: http://www.barry-callebaut.com/1562


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