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10 Youngest Mother's in Medical History

1. Lina Medina, from Ticrapo in Peru, gave birth to a baby boy named Gerardo by caesarean section aged five years and seven months old in May 1939. Her parents thought she had a tumour but when she was taken to hospital, she was found to be seven months pregnant.
2. Yelizaveta "Liza" Gryshchenko had just turned six when she gave birth to a stillborn baby girl in the Soviet Union in August 1934. The infant’s father was Liza’s 69-year-old maternal grandfather. The family emigrated after the scandal.
3. A six-year-old girl, known only as ‘H’ gave birth to a daughter by caesarean section in June 1972 in Delhi, India. She was initially admitted to hospital with what was thought to be an abdominal tumour.
4. An unidentified Indian girl died during childbirth, along with her baby, in August 1933. She was just eight years old.
5. Griseldina Acuña, from Colombia, reportedly began menstruating at three and gave birth to a baby boy in September 1936, aged eight years and two months. The father is thought to have been a family friend.
6. Mum-Zi, from the island of Calabar in Nigeria, became a mother aged eight years and four months in August 1884. Her daughter also gave birth at a very young age, making Mum-Zi a grandmother aged 17. Both were part of Chief Akkiri’s harem.
7. A Colombian girl was found to be pregnant after a policeman spotted the girl’s swollen abdomen and suspected she was smuggling drugs. A scan revealed the girl was 32 weeks pregnant and she gave birth aged eight years and five months old in September 2004.
8. ‘Anna’ gave birth to her 13-year-old neighbour’s baby aged eight years and seven months old. The Muslim Chechen, from Russia, was the youngest mother in Eastern Europe for six decades after daughter Dasha was born in April 2000.
9. Hilda Trujillo, from Peru, welcomed daughter Maria del Rosario in December 1957 when she was eight years and seven months old. The baby’s father was a 22-year-iold cousin who raped her and was later arrested.
10. Zi, daughter of Mum-Zi (see number 6) gave birth aged eight years and eight months old in August 1893. Her child’s father was also Chief Akkiri.


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