Monday, January 2, 2012

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The Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

Modern Toilet – Taipei, Taiwan
 The first Modern Toilet Restaurant opened in 2004 in Taipei, inspired by a cartoon that featured a toilet drawing on a menu. Since then Modern Toilet has been flush with success, opening 11 more branches around Taiwan and one in Mongkok, Hong Kong. At most locations the restaurants are known by locals as the Marton (which approximates the Chinese word for “toilet”) or simply as “The Toilet Restaurant.”

 At their flagship Taipei restaurant Modern Toilet can accommodate over 100 people. You’ll have a hard time walking in and finding a toilet bowl seat, especially around lunch time—the restaurant is very popular with students from the nearby university. If you do get on a crapper there you’ll find the food an extraordinarily good value—most meals are under NT$200 (US$6, €5).

They even serve you food that looks like human waste in guess it! Toilet bowls!
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  1. As long as it's cans serve it to me.

  2. Interesting considering in most Asian countries their toilets are just holes in the ground. They should take those toilets and put them in their homes.