Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Walmart Drops Paula Deen

I'm guessing that Today Show appearance didn't trick the big retail stores that carry Paula Deen products!

Walmart, America’s biggest retailer, said this afternoon that it was severing ties with Paula Deen immediately, the latest company to end its relationship since revelations this week that Deen admitted in a deposition for a workplace discrimination suit that she used racist language and tolerated racist jokes in one of her restaurants.

In their official statement:

We are ending our relationship with Paula Deen Enterprises,” Walmart said in a statement. “And we will not place new orders beyond those already committed. We will work with suppliers to address existing inventories and agreements.”

Walmart has carried Deen-branded products since the year of 2011. Both the Food Network as well as Smithfield Foods have already ended their relationships with Deen. 

Earlier on Wednesday, Caesars Entertainment, which operates a number of Deen-themed restaurants,  ended its deals as well.


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