Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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5 Reasons Women End Relationships

1. They were looking for a little bit of excitement and got carried away:

Sometimes women stray temporarily from their man a bit in order to test the waters outside of the safe harbor of the relationship. When a relationship is so safe that it is boring, many women feel like they are missing out on that sense of excitement that they feel a relationship is supposed to bring. Sometimes, a woman who is otherwise happy in her relationship may flirt with another man or even go out on a "harmless" date with him. One thing leads to another and suddenly she starts to fall for the new man. Not because he is any better - but mainly because he is just someone new and different.

2. They feel under-appreciated:

Women also like to feel appreciated by the man they are with. Many women work very hard in their relationship to do nice things for their men, and occasionally they like their man to show a little appreciation through small gestures. If you went a long time without showing appreciation for your woman, that might have contributed to the breakup.

3. They feel ignored:

Women love to feel like they are the center of someone's universe, and they want to know that their men care deeply about them. Often, simple reminders like flowers or small gifts help women feel that their man thinks about them often and really cares. If you have neglected to make your woman feel special during recent months or years, her pulling away from you may be partially a result of that.

4. They think the grass is greener somewhere else:
We have all - men and women alike - fallen prey to the "grass is greener on the other side" syndrome. It is so easy to look at other couples, other people, and feel that they seem happier, more attractive, more normal, more exciting, more . . . well, you get the picture. Sometimes, a woman might fantasize about being single again or about dating a particular man. Of course, often when women break up with their longtime companion, it is not long before they are pining for that special person again.

5. The breakup is a way to get your attention:

Sometimes a woman may break up or threaten to break up because they are really signaling a call for help. In these cases, they want their man to pay more attention to them, treat them better, or act more lovingly. They may break up temporarily or say they are going to break up as sort of a call to be treated better. If you suspect this with your woman, don't be upset because you think she is playing games with you. Behind her actions is likely someone who really is prepared to break up for good if things in your relationship don't improve.

If you think your woman is about to break up with you - or if she already has - take heart. Things may not be nearly as bad as you think. It is important to remember that you can take control of the situation by addressing the issues she has with the relationship and winning back her love.


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